The WordPress survey plugin that gets you more responses.

Launch surveys and questionnaires. Conduct market research with ease. 
Collect real customer feedback and drive sales with our proven lead-generation and auto-segmentation tools.


GrowthKit products are used by 15K+ brands around the world


Post purchase survey plugin for your WordPress site

Get real feedback from your customers with customizable post-purchase surveys. Identify marketing channels and find out why your customers make the decisions they do. All you have to do is ask!

WordPressのプラグインAsklayerをインストールするだけ 今すぐ始められる

Asklayerならいつでも簡単に アンケートのの作成・表示が可能です。
時間のかかる導入手続きは必要ありません。使い方は簡単。WordPressへプラグインをインストールするだけ! あとはテンプレートから


Survey WordPress users and find your right direction.

Market research was once costly and inaccurate.

Luckily, those days are over. Create sleek, unobtrusive polls and surveys right on your website, giving you real-time feedback from your customers.

No more guessing!

カラーミーショップ日本のマーケットへ特化したテンプレート ソーシャル

ノーコードで簡単導入! プログラムやアンケートの専門知識は不要です!


Measure your CX with our WordPress CX survey plugin.

CX (Customer Experience) is the new standard in marketing, and not just for large corporations. Brands big and small are adopting our CX tools for WordPress to gauge their customers’ needs and give new life to their site and sales process.

Lead generation and segmentation, together at last.

Building high conversion marketing lists used to be a two-step process.

First was lead acquisition, followed by segmentation post-purchase to gauge the outlook of future sales.

Asklayer gives you powerful lead-gen tools, allowing you to segment your leads in real time before the customer makes a purchase.

NPS plugin for WordPress

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is the gold standard for customer experience data and measuring customer loyalty. Quantify customers’ responses and drive outreach with Asklayer’s NPS plugin for WordPress.

Make your customers promoters who drive brand growth.

Professional features

We’re bringing pro-level features to the masses. Now anyone can compete at a global level.

Enterprise ready

Accessable, scalable, secure and private. WCAG 2.1 accessibility & GDPR privacy compliant. Extended privacy options available for enterprise users.

Exit intent & back button capture

Capture a user's attention when they press the back button or swipe back in their mobile browser and ask them why they are leaving.

Scroll & in-activity sensors

Only show surveys, polls and questionnaires to users who have engaged with your content and scrolled or users who have been inactive for a set time.


No location permission required! Target users based on country and city completely seamlessly.

Traffic source targeting

Select users by their source such as social networks, search engines, in-app browsers and more.

Realtime analytics & iteration

Realtime analytics, one-click duplication and fast editing give you the power to iterate quicker than you ever thought possible.

Google Analytics Integration

All your conversion data is integrated into your own Google Analytics so you can slice and analyze the data as you see fit.

True responsive

Don't resize, respond. Micro polls, surveys and questionnaires look great on any screen - built mobile first.

Complex conditional trees & flows

Jump between questions and results freely based on user's answers and create forms of any depth.


For WordPress users

Surveys for WordPress.
Gather data, drive sales.

Asklayer is available as a WordPress plugin.
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